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Preston Pub Festival came about when 11 good friends who each own a pub or bar decided it was time to celebrate the rich heritage of the city’s ale houses. They recognised that by working together they could have a weekend set aside, away from all other going on in the city, that would be dedicated to their pubs and the beers they sell as well as other drinks.

This group of friends run a diverse range of venues, each of which brings its own unique character to the festival and the festival promises to bring together a wide range of cask, craft and keg beers along with some ciders for the beer enthusiast to sample and enjoy.

The festival will include the historic venues of the Moorbrook, Black Horse and the Old Vic alongside the newer venues of Plug and Taps, Winckley Ale House and the Guild Ale House, this will help to provide a wide range of atmospheres and experiences for visitors to the festival to enjoy. The idea is that by having a variety of pubs and bars that are all radically different to each other people will be able to feel comfortable experiencing places and environments that they may never have visited in the past

The hope is that this can help to expand the customer’s views about the pubs and bars they choose to go to and build a greater sense of community that will help support the hostelries of the city into the future.

At one time it was said that Preston was the place with a pub for every day of the year, as well as a large number of churches for the repentant drunk to sober up in before returning home to his family. While those days are long gone the pubs that operate in Preston are a vital part of the city that make a massive contribution to both the daytime and nighttime economies of the local areas, this needs to be recognised and celebrated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Preston Pub Festival?

When a group of like-minded pub/bar owners got together and discussed how we could promote our venues the Preston Pub Festival was born. We all run very different diverse venues, from traditional pubs to micro pubs to brewery taps but all have one thing in common, the love of the product we sell. This festival is to promote what a great pub scene Preston has and the great variety of beers and ciders on offer. All the venues are within a 15-minute walk of the town centre with great transport links.

What can I expect?

Think along the lines of a beer festival but rather than being stuck in one place, you’ll get to experience the hospitality from several different venues. There’ll be a huge range of different beers and ciders on offer and each venue will have its own special USP. It could be live music, a tap takeover, food offerings or quite simply just a fantastic range of beers and ciders.

I'm gluten-free/designated driver/don't like beer, can I still come?

Absolutely you can. All the venues will offer alcohol-free options and several will also offer gluten free. For those that don’t like beer, well now is your chance to have a taste because you will not find a bigger diverse range of beers. We’re sure you’ll find something to tickle your taste buds but if not then there’ll be a wide range of wines and spirits available too.

Can my furry friend and kids come?

Most venues are dog-friendly and family-friendly but please check with each venue before visiting.

How do I find the venues if I'm not from Preston?

No problem we have a map available on the contact page, plus each venue will be more than happy to point you in the right direction and offer any help or advice.

I want to make a weekend out of it. Are there any hotels locally?

We’ve got your back there. No10 is a great boutique hotel right in the heart of the city. There are also plenty of budget-friendly hotels in the city centre from Holiday Inn, Premier Inn and Travel Lodge. The choices are huge.

I'm just coming for the day, how do I get there?

Trains- Lots of trains pass through Preston and The Vic (one of the festival venues) is directly outside the station so a great place to start.

Bus- The iconic Preston bus station is centrally located within the city and offers lots of services across the North West,  the added bonus is the Guild Ale House is a 2-minute walk.

Let’s make the weekend great, come on your own (you won’t be lonely), organise with friends or work colleagues but just make sure you’re part of it. This may be the first Preston Pub Festival but with your support, it won’t be the last.